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call him straight whiskey he still on the rocks
odds against me i ain’t even wearing even socks
used to split a ciggie with the homie after chips and gravy
5 bucks fifty, split it 6 ways, we hungry on the daily
growing up in the sixty*eight made me little crazy
blessed for lessons i learned along the way getting wavy
seen friends turn enemy, drugs and money
my energy going like it’s a spending spree
barely anyone next to me
demons getting thе best of me
got my head high
i try to keep it thеre, she said just give your best try
how we distant, hope we better in the next life
ain’t a pick me up just tryna have the best time
nothing left, right?
left after the test, right?
wrong, every time i say i’m fine when i sing a song
let me say i’m trying, buy myself another week to month
i ain’t even notice, pigmentation changing as i rot
why would i wonder a mate think
fake c*nts peel it underneath, you see the snake skin
take blunts to the face, myself, i try erase him
change flows like we argue, see you losing patience
makes sense, these days every body racing
they ain’t see the time it takes to learn the words i say
still i’m playing my position in this stupid f*cking game
pat my pocket, off my rocket, i can’t lose the key today
feel the speaker bumping homie script me bricks on something
taking steps for nothing, still i feel my mental bombing
mixing this concoction, got me losing pace, what i’m saying
back up in the mix, filthy lean when i’m swaying

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lirik lagu snakeskin – jsv Song Lyrics

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