lirik lagu keep dissin’ – prince trey

lirik lagu keep dissin’ – prince trey


[intro: mblock twothree & prince trey]
don’t do none of that cappin’ on my [?]
we ballin’
what? don’t do that
what? don’t do that

[verse 1: prince trey]
what, we in a straight
police tried to dip behind us, but them boys too late
[?] and took yo’ chain but get that back, that sh*t was fake
these shots be sleepin’ out, guess he be movin’ dj nate
all the opps i hate, ain’t no need to debate
if i give [?] this mission, on the plug, i bet he take
i can’t go like dude’nem, if they play, i up and spray
caught him at that school and turned him to a holiday
call diana, she come clutch, when i’m at saks i need like two for ten
i say, “they say he just told,” like bruh, you petty, why you tell again?
when i grab my glizzy, i pop out, feel likе i’m loadin’ in
louie got new chop, let’s makе a trade, this gettin’ old again
why you hold it in? ain’t no holdin’ out
you say you get busy? i could never go off word*of*mouth
i hate when unc’ get drunk, ’cause i be thinkin’ like, “what he talkin’ ’bout?”
(baby, you ain’t try to get me** man, you can’t walk it out)
ayy, foe’nem chalk it out, ’cause this the red zone
my brother was outstandin’, we put diamonds on his headstone
claim that y’all some k!llas but shoot legs, man, y’all aimin’ wrong
i’m really wit’ ball players that be spankin’ wit’ they sliders on
we just put that scope up on the glock, and now it’s [?] is gone
say we just clocked ’em out up on the clock, and now it’s time to go on
flexin’ wit’ yo’ homie gun, boy, you shoulda’ had yo’ own
yeah, he coulda’ slid and got get*back, but he just made a song
doya, hot, really stood on business, yeah, that’s really facts
chuck done get to tweakin’, don’t be cappin’, shorty really blatt
i know y’all heard ’bout buddy at the park, but we ain’t gon’ speak on that
jump and y’all can’t find him on the hunt, like where y’all leave him at?
mblock this and mblock that, mblock out here spankin’ ass
lil’ k hop out, hit him wit’ fn, twothree done sent the tag
normally i don’t ever diss the dead, but y’all done made me mad
detro, lil’ ant got hit up wit’ lead, i got they [?] tagged
[verse 2: mblock die y]
brrt, brrt, brrt, we be spankin’ ass
bet we chase his ass wit’ two switches, it feel like laser tag
last n*gga did sumn’ to us, he in that body bag
early mornin’, breakfast for them n*ggas, we got up wit’ ’em fast
n*gga beat them feet like austin did, i guess he think he fast
caught detro on that run, he had his gun, but he ain’t get to blast
lil’ deuce lost a leg, he could be dead, i guess he caught a pass
long live my n*gga spazz out, we get on n*ggas ass
me and scoom ridin’ in this cat, we tryna’ crack a head
we ain’t goin’ tit*for*tat for opps, i guess them n*ggas scared
put belt all on his ass, she shakin’ ass, that’s why them n*ggas scared
they know how we play it on ‘dem, don’t think this chicken*ass
striker mode, any opp we caught, he didn’t get no pass
big m’s, they know how we get, we get on n*gga’s ass
sixty rounds, bet’ not stop shootin’, get right on his ass
if he run, we gon’ bail out on ’em, get right on his neck
mean mug, i’m gon’ up my glock, shoot all in yo’ chest
duck this? b*tch, you dumb as h*ll, b*tch, i hit yo’ neck
raw what? lil’ k bail out on him, leave him on his neck
b*tch n*gga, you ain’t doin’ sh*t, step out on yo’ back
mac*11, blow they ass down, i’ont hang wit’ clowns
run up on him, to his whole face, knock a n*gga down
masked up, we don’t give no f*cks, we blowin’ n*ggas down
police mad, they can’t f*ckin’ catch me, ridin’ real fast
went viral on a high speed, i know they real mad
glock up on my waist, you tap me, n*gga, i blow this real fast
[break: mblock twothree]
hol’on (hol’on, b*tch)
ayy, mblock, go (wooh!)

[verse 3: mblock twothree]
all the opps know we spankin’ ass, we catch him, then he dead
smooth got caught without his pipe, [?] got shot up in his head
15 tried to run, backshot, no, he ain’t faster than this lead
i can’t go without my pipe ’cause all them n*ggas want me dead
kellz fat ass got caught walkin’, left his ass up on the flo’
if you ain’t mblock or bnem, yo’ ass can’t get up in the do’
dae dae kissin’ on that bop, and i put d*ck all in her throat
lil ant smoke and this sh*t stank, i think i see him through the smoke
detro, smoke him, lil ant, smoke him, when i smoke ’em, man, that smacks
i get tired of smokin’ on harvey, flyy shaun know we smoked a back’
lil’ dre got caught lackin’, head tap, we hit his f*ckin’ dreads
got up on ’em, ‘fore he knew it, man, he looked up, he was dead
lojack k!lled his own self, that boy got put up there wit’ bang
markey tried to fight, flash his ass, that boy got him some fame
i can’t go like [?], shorty, died and they ain’t slide for him
and it’s f*ck joc and f*ck the boc, slidin’, dunkin’ like i’m tim
detro died wit’ his gun, he had his pipe, he tried to run
f*ck the snakes, on mick, them n*ggas not on sh*t, ain’t own a crumb
can’t forget lil’ bobo dirty ass, runnin’ wit’ his gun
f*ck the klan, smokin’ tori, call me when the chicken done
[outro: mblock twothree]
ayy, f*ck 1600 man
y’all know how the f*ck we rockin’, man
big mblock, f*ck all the opps
long live tae

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lirik lagu keep dissin’ – prince trey Song Lyrics

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