lirik lagu intro 17 – sentinel dialect

lirik lagu intro 17 – sentinel dialect


[intro: sduff]
okay… what’s up…
okay… what’s up…
okay… ..
okay… what’s up…
okay… what’s up…..
hey… ..

[verse 1: sduff]
don’t use phones, they too weak
know about 4, 5 hittas* wake you out yo’ sleep
that’s a brief of the old life *
no more peeks * no not me, i ain’t a g
but a know 2 or 3 platoons of goons
all jordans, paid mortgage
and they armed to the t**th (saying)
where them o’s, where them opps
eyes wide open for the cops*
hittas stop, and they watch
hittas get got in the same spot that they plot*
scope the cream, of the crop
always rising to the top, take all his knots
then shout out all his spot, never hot
but, where does that path go
most thеm hittas dead or broke
should of did this, should of done that
evеrything they told you way back
hindsight 20/20 four, hittas at your door
with them semi’s cause you said “come get me”
now you feeling that adrenaline and
dread mixing in your head, but you said
you ain’t a newlywed, been married to the game
since reggie was fronted it’s a shame
they won’t remember your name
2 weeks pass and dame layin with a new hitta
you heard it here 1st, nothing else to explain
if they told you not to do it, why you giving god the blame
dudes scheme, claiming they living the dream
but, can’t trust they own team* man what?
i thought you was real
shame the _ , tell the truth
what rich hitta you know
keep a thief under they roof?
they’re robbing you of you value
of your time, of your destiny
what will they give if you ask “invest me”* test it please young bruv, i got
recipes and recipes, young love* i’m cooking up
yhwh keeps blessing me and blessing me
for pulling up and pushing up
listen bruv* yeah, gotta listen love
we breaking they suspension up
we breaking they attention up
listen up

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lirik lagu intro 17 – sentinel dialect Song Lyrics

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