lirik lagu 어두운빛 (audeun bit) – khc/moribet

lirik lagu 어두운빛 (audeun bit) – khc/moribet


시간이 흘렀지
세기의 끝으로
일군이의 기도
빌려둔 집으로
오고 간 친구들
배부른 안개꽃
아껴둔 힘으로
어두운 빛으로

haven’t been to much
just been out on streets
having little fun twitching nervously
and every remark has been urgent pleas
every little hour takes eternity

am i here alone?
has everyone gone south?
if i knew it all
then i wouldn’t have to figure it out

splattered on the way
you’re out on every single route
to absurdity
’twas a blink of an eye
what in the world have i learnt
soon will be a half past 9
and a half past life time
해 저문 때야 어느새 흘러가지
배 떠난 바다 뒷편에 숨어있지

오 어두운 빛

파드마가 알려준
어두운 빛으로
어두운 빛으로

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lirik lagu 어두운빛 (audeun bit) – khc/moribet Song Lyrics

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