(hey, sosa. let’s get this straight, now. i never f+cked anybody over in my life who didn’t have it coming. you got that? all i have in this world is my b+lls and my word and i don’t break them for no one, you understand?)
ay, welcome to gun class man
this the number one safety sh+t in america if you ask me
imma show you what to do if a n+gga play with you
(for real; this no cap; i swear on my life; i plead the fifth as well)
i’m your instructor, mud

[verse 1]
ay, i say right foot, left foot, step up, shoot (shoo)
smack his ass, my hand across his head like a salute
my lil brother just threw back a ten
b+tch just made him puke (ay)
i said “b+tch you ain’t my boo, don’t give no f+cks for what you do”
this right here 400 for a line (yuh)
b+tch this ain’t no juice (on god)
yeah i got the juice, you wanna f+ck? well sh+t me too (ay)
all my brothers toe cutters n+gga
who gone shoot for you?
lost my dog to a rat, that’s why the whip ain’t got a roof
ay, b+tch we outside
that fawtyboy stay in my genes
only rock with my kind
i know for sure who rock with me
ceo, that’s my slime
we pop out when you n+ggas sleep
glock .23s and .223s
lebron and jordan same team
bullets jump from house to house
annoying n+ggas like some fleas (on god)
none of this spendin’ sh+t ain’t new
2016 f+cked up the streets (shoo, shoo)
imma put this song on spotify, put it on repeat
i’m a family guy, b+tch i’m quagmire in them sheets
leave your ass lookin like joe you think you faster than this beam
in miami, sand between my toes, chillin on the beach
my n+ggas shoot like they some hoopers
shoulda tried out for the heat
back in the day me and lil dre was with lil mon gettin the green
imma fawtyboy, no fitted
dish it out top of the key
nothin but net
i don’t think a n+gga shoot better than me
i’m in the booth, i’m high as f+ck, i can go coo on any beat (yuh)
i got slimed out
you know that lil sh+t made me a beast
don’t let me find out
you beefin but momma don’t know you’re street (grrt, yuh)
we come through tryna wake up the block shakin sh+t with the glee
imma blow in 2022
how many months? sh+t, two or three
n+ggas cap a lot, they need to be on tour with polo g
[chorus 1]
i say left foot, right foot, step back, slide (zoom)
this cat gone get us outta there, lil dee know how to drive (yuh)
imma show you what to do if a lil n+gga play with you
i say right foot, left foot, step up, shoot

[verse 2]
ay my b+tch bad
that’s why i put up with attitudes
come get your b+tch back
she f+ck a ruger? yeah that rapper do
eye for a eye, you prolly f+ckin mine
i can’t be mad at you
mismatch designer, ‘miri and dior
imma take it dude
f+ck n+gga fees
if you ain’t one of mine, then i’m taxing you
vince carter sh+t
slammin on the opps
like the raptors do
don’t judge a book by the front cover n+gga
read a chapter or two
round of applause, sound like hands how that chop’ gone clap at you
yg woo be really stepping, he a cue doll
.40s and .45s
can’t tote nothing else, them b+tches too small
we box a n+gga up, he gone for good
lil ru a u+haul
beat a n+gga head till we see white, look like a cue ball (grrt, grrt)
glock came with a d+ck, the chop’ got b+lls and tits like ru paul
bro just copped a stick
don’t make him up the bl!ck and shoot yall
i be on my sh+t, my middle finger up like “screw yall!”
can’t come on my block, i scope it out on point like “who yall?”
(you have completed your course. the number one gun class in the hood but the only thing is no f+ck n+ggas can sign up)
ay, i say right foot, left foot, step up shoot
smack his ahh uhuh huh
feel safe
come sign up!


– mudbaby ru lyrics

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